Two tulip trees

Two tulip trees

Appalachian Trail near Kent, Connecticut. This is a repeat of a group of trees I’ve photographed a lot as they’re quite spectacular. I wanted to try them with the Fuji X70 and that’s what’s used here.

There are two groups of tulip trees in this area and this is two separate trees close together. I’ve also shot another single tree with three trunks that’s about 20 feet to my right as this picture is taken.

The Fuji X70 makes this kind of shot easy and fun with its articulating LCD screen. I continue to be very pleased with the camera. I updated my copy of Lightroom so it can read X70 RAW files and this is a converted RAW file. Frankly, the Fuji X70’s JPEGs are of such high quality I probably won’t shoot RAW all that much unless I know I’ll be in an artificial light situation where I’ll need to adjust white balance.


  1. I think the details are incredible in this shot. Well done, Richard. I have always used my Fujis (X100, X-Pro1, X70) in JPEG mode because Fuji cameras really have phenomenal JPEG rendering.

    1. Thanks Jonne. It was you who told me about Fuji JPEG quality years ago. Still, I like the RAW file’s ability to be more easily manipulated in Lightroom when I need to adjust white balance, among other things. But, I can see shooting JPEG only for most of the work I’m now doing.

    1. Thank you Martin. I’ve not printed any of these tulip tree shots. They’re interesting but not things I want on my walls. Who knows… I do think the file quality is excellent and it would print well for sure.

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