Turbulent touchdowns, Birmingham, UK

This is a collection of short videos of commercial airplanes landing at Birmingham, UK (BHX) airport on very difficult days for pilots. The filming and compilation is by flugsnug who has lots of commercial flying videos in his YouTube channel.

This seems like an odd video to embed here but I’ve always been amazed by video compilations like this one and this is an extremely high quality video. I recommend zooming it out to full screen if you can.

The reason the runaways look bumpy and the planes have the perspective they do is that videographer used a long lens which compresses the scene.

Crosswinds make pilots steer into them and the planes seem to be, and actually are traveling at very extreme and seemingly odd angles to the runway. This is called “crabbing” and is common. What makes these particular landings difficult and scary is that the winds are changing so these pilots are working very hard to keep the planes moving in the right direction with the right glide path to land.

As you can see, a number of pilots touch and go, take off again because they can’t get the plane stabilized safely.

As a person who has flown a lot, all over the world in many types of planes and in many types of conditions, I can relate to what passengers must be going through during these landings. Watching this made me extremely uneasy.

[via Sploid]


  1. Those were gorgeous. I think there are some ballsy pilots in that group; what amazing control. Some of those were stunning landings.

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