Trees and leaves

Trees and leaves

Appalachian Trail, between Bull’s Bridge and Kent, Connecticut.

We hiked Schaghticoke Ridge yesterday to remove two trees (blowdowns) that had fallen across the trail. My next piece of work will be to re-blaze the inner section of this ridge (3 miles) . AT blazes are white paint, 2″ wide by 6″ tall.

This brook was completely dry most of this past winter which is unusual, it’s usually the source of lots of ice photography. Because we’ve had such a weird winter with little rain, there is an abundance of leaves everywhere: on the trail and in streams. I shot about ten reflection images from different vantage points in two pools on this stream and while I’d usually attempt to just catch the surface (pure trees) it seemed like it might be nice to get leaves in the shot which give the reflection another dimension.

I have to say, all of my images taken this day with the Fuji X70 turned out extremely well. I like the richness of the Fuji files and I’m shooting JPEG only as I don’t have a RAW converter yet for the camera. The camera’s controls, like the Ricoh GR’s are completely useable with thin gloves on and it feels like a very well made, sturdy tool in my hands.


    1. Not yet for my version Jonne. I don’t have LR CC (version 6.4), I have the “desktop” Mac version which is stuck at version 6.0 now. I’m not worried though, so far, as you’ve aways told me, Fuji JPEGs are amazing files and have plenty of information in them. I’d rather shoot RAW, especially for indoor, artificial light work, but so far I’ve been fine with JPEGs.

      1. Richard, I have LR desktop version 6.5 which has the support. Just go and install it. I do agree about Fuji JPEGs, however, and I am shooting JPEG with my Fuji cameras.

  1. This is a wonderful shot Richard, I love these type of images you produce. The detail is astonishing, it seems to be a real performer.

    I managed to have look at one today, I had been coerced into going shopping with my good lady and decided I needed to get away from the nightmare which is dress choosing. You know the one, what do you think to this? honest answer given, then get set for the lecture, duly received, other chaps looking on in sympathy knowing theirs is coming anytime soon for having the temerity to give the wrong answer!

    Anyway back to this little jewel having seen one and held it I simply have to get one, I really shouldn’t have looked but god is that a lovely camera. I know I may be pilloried for saying this but I have to say I think it is better than the uber nice GR (latest incarnation). I appreciate I haven’t looked at any files etc it’s literally just my first impressions but it is a thing of beauty both in form and function.

    This is a real low baller for me, I have been trying to reduce the number of cameras I have, as you know I have been using more film of late so another digital was not on the plan. I blame you entirely..

    1. Martin, great that you like the X70, it’s your kind of camera for sure. I can’t say it’s better or worse than the GR but it’s certainly a very nice camera and so far it’s working well for me. Time will tell, I’ll keep shooting with both and see how things work out.

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