Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We hiked up the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I maintain for the Berkshire AMC) today and it was a beautiful day for hiking and for photography.

I was surprised that this waterfall still had ice on it as did sections of the brook; the weather has been warm enough down at our house that I thought for sure this would have all melted.

There was some sun flare coming in from the top left but I liked the image anyway.

This was shot with the Fuji X70, a small camera that’s much like the Ricoh GR. I don’t have enough experience with it yet to talk about it with any certainty but I was able to shoot with it with my glove liners on which is important to me in winter as I suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome (cold finger tips) and like to keep thin gloves on at all times. And, unlike the Ricoh, it has an articulating LCD which I find useful (not for this photo but for others). The image quality of the few images I’ve shot with it is breathtakingly good. This is a very nice camera and one worth considering along with the Ricoh GR II.


    1. Jonne: Yes, it’s a terrific camera. My issue with photography at the moment isn’t the gear, it’s getting out and doing it with any gear. But yes, this camera is a keeper for sure.

  1. So you’ve got the bad boy then, looks like a keeper to me Richard, now I’m going to have machinations on whether my life would be complete if i should buy one !

    Love the shot and I’m glad to see you’re managing to get out and about again, do you think the gr will go now?

    1. Martin: No, the GR and GR II will stay as will the X70. I think they’re all a nice stable of decent cameras that will be fun to use over time. Delighted you like this image, hopefully I’ll get out soon and get some more.

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