Tinker Hill swamp

Tinker Hill swamp

New Preston, Connecticut.

We took a short walk around a hill overlooking Lake Waramaug and I noticed this small swampy area right off the road. No doubt this water is from the heavy rains we had last week.

It wasn’t “golden hour” by a long shot but trees were making interesting shadows and I thought it might be worth stopping to check out.

Lots happening here: shadows, reflections, and leaves both floating and on the bottom, not to mention the trees. I’d like to get back to this spot earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to see if there are even stronger shadows.

Tinker Hill swamp


    1. Thanks Martin and I agree, all sorts of possibilities in scenes like this. Of course, a few warm days and this water dries up so it’s either got to stay cold so it turns to ice or wet so it remains in place as water. Of course, this is also a mosquito “brothel” so having it wet like this isn’t all that great on all counts.

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