Rippled reflection

Rippled reflection

Thayer Brook, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut.

It was “balmy” out the other day so I took a hike from Rt. 341 south on the AT to Thayer Brook to shoot ice, or, water patterns if there was no ice.

There was no ice but there was enough water to make some nice patterns to shoot.

These are foam ripples in a small pool with a few leaves under water, a twig on the right, and a big rock that forms the right edge of the pool. Oh, and a nice reflection of the oaks on the far side of the brook.


    1. Thanks Jonne. It’s almost like there is a thin layer of something and that something is foam. That surface is, to me, what makes it interesting. It’s not just a distorted reflection, it’s like an odd surface was shoved into the middle of a scene. I shot it at different angles looking for the best expression of this and one reason it took me a while to post is that I wasn’t sure which image showed it best.

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