Small waterfall on Thayer Brook

Small waterfall on Thayer Brook

Thayer Brook, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut.

It was “balmy” out yesterday so I took a hike from Rt. 341 south on the AT to Thayer Brook to shoot ice, or, water patterns if there was no ice.

There was no ice but there was enough water to make some nice patterns to shoot.

This small waterfall is about a foot high which makes for a nice subject: I can get on top of it and shoot down and the depth of field is shallow enough so things are in focus both on top of the falls and bottom.

I particularly like how the Ricoh GR catches the bubble turbulence below, nice movement detail in all of that chaos.


    1. Thanks Martin. The problem with a high contrast image like this is losing detail in the bubbles. That’s what I was most interested in. No doubt I could process it better but for me, shots like this are all about the bubbles, which lose their detail if over exposed.

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