Ice in Sage’s Ravine

Ice in Sage's Ravine

We hiked down the south side of Mt. Race on the Appalachian Trail (a section of trail I maintain) into the bottom of Sage’s Ravine which forms the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

There was moving water in the ravine but there were calm spots near the shore where ice had formed. Getting to those spots was tough because the trail was iced over and slippery in places but not bad enough for us to have brought micro-spikes along. Getting a few ice pattern shots motivated me to carefully climb down to the edge and hold the camera out with my right hand while holding onto a tree with my left hand.

By the way, one-handed control and shooting is a nice feature of the Ricoh GR; one can do almost everything with the right hand. Holding steady is the biggest challenge. Spray and pray is the way under these conditions.

Ice in Sage's Ravine


  1. Wow, these are spectacular images of the ice in Sage’s Ravine. Love the abstractions, patterns, and details in that ice. Very cool. I’m sure they’d make fantastic prints.

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