New York City.

My iPhone says we walked over nine miles in New York yesterday. Not sure how accurate that is but we avoided subways and walked a big loop from Grand Central to B&H, the Rubin Museum (great Steve McCurry show there), down to REI/Soho to shop for a new pack for Tom, and Keste’s pizza in the Village, then back to Grand Central.

On the way I took a few shots of this “climber” or maybe “hanger” on the alley wall of a building in the Village.

All the way everyone in New York was either gearing up for the big snow coming, or gearing up for a night of partying before the big snow coming. Either way, we were glad to get on the train home and get back to our respective houses before it hit. I’m guessing it will start snowing up here in Connecticut later this morning and we won’t get all that much today. This climber is probably getting blasted about now.


    1. Indeed, being in New York today would be brutal. Amazingly, up here in Connecticut, less than 100 miles north and we’ve got a dusting of snow and some wind and so far, that’s all.

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