Growing ice crystals

Growing ice crystals

Kent, Connecticut.

Hiking north along the Appalachian Trail from Kent to Cornwall Bridge we crossed a small stream that had some nice ice in it.

I took a few minutes and walked upstream where the stream meandered a bit and slowed down and there was a wonderful “crop” of ice along both sides of the stream.

Photographing ice can be problematic:

On a day cold enough to support ice, you don’t want to stop for too long, your hands can get cold, even with glove liners on.

Your hiking partners may not be as into it as you are and they too are standing around getting cold.

Early in the season, there is a real risk of falling through and getting wet which, depending on how far away from civilization you are, might be dangerous.

But, given that this was my first ice shooting session this season, I think it went pretty well and I got a few interesting images.


    1. Thank you Jonne. I’m glad I got a few decent images… feels odd to be thinking about camera equipment (new Fujis) when I’m not even taking pictures. Felt good to be shooting ice again.

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