Field and trees in light snow

Tire tracks with snow

Tire tracks with snow

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

Two weeks later, I found myself on the same field as my last post with the same hiking partner. This time there had been a light snow and some tire tracks made a nice tracking line toward the odd looking trees at the south end of the field.

The Appalachian Trail runs along the left edge this frame and the Housatonic River is a bit further left.

Tree menagerie

Tree menagerie

These trees form a wind block between two hay fields and every time I hike past them I admire their odd shapes.


    1. Thanks Jonne. One great thing about the GR at f/11 is that it can get the entire depth of field in decent focus if I can hold still while kneeling (I’m old, not so steady anymore). I don’t think I’ve tried shooting at even smaller apertures, I’m a bit nervous about refraction, something I know about but have never experienced (that I know of). Happy new year old friend.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, the trees have always fascinated me. A bit creepy… and the snow brought out the tracks which I don’t think were visible the last time I was there. Made for an interesting lead in to the trees. Happy new year back to you.

    1. Thanks w.kier. I took a number of similar images from different places on the tracks including centered. In the end, the way I look at it is that the trees are most important and I wanted them in the center even though the high contrast of snow on the road would pull one’s eye there first.

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