Trees in fog on the Appalachian Trail

Trees in fog on the Appalachian Trail

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

Tom and I hiked south from Cornwall Bridge toward Kent on the AT and early on we passed four hay fields, each with end borders comprised of oddly shaped trees. Between the light on the field, the trees, and the fog, I had to stop and attempt a few shots. It ended up being tougher than I thought to get both the fog and the detail in the trees.


    1. It really is Cornelis. The Housatonic river is just left of the frame so there’s a bit of river sound here but it’s quite nice. If it ever snows, this is a favorite place to both snow shoe and cross country ski.

    1. Thanks Jonne. You’re exactly right, it was tricky and I took multiple shots with different metering and exposure comp each time we stopped. It’s interesting, I know this camera quite well but I’m still insecure about many images and feel the need to make backups with different settings. When I get home, almost all of them are useable, partly because the sensor is so big and forgiving, partly because Lightroom can salvage most things I get out of this camera.

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