Stanchions with water droplets

Stanchion with bolt and water

New York.

We were walking across town and I noticed a row of stanchions (posts) that had collected water droplets from an earlier rain. Each stanchion had a different pattern of water droplets on it and one even had a bolt (nipple) in the middle. How could I pass up some pictures? I wish I could have gotten right on top of them and shot straight down but alas, there was no ladder and Gary didn’t offer to put me on his shoulders.

Stanchion with water


    1. Right, maps with water and land masses. I see patterns like this on stainless in our dish drainer but the shape of these stanchions made the water stick better. A perfect shape for making other worlds.

  1. Have to comment this again. Actually those water droplet areas are like acid etched pits. Very interesting effect. You can see them both ways (droplets are either small pits or looking like small elevations).

    1. I like that Jonne. Indeed, many dimpled surfaces can be flipped, bumps or craters. I find it interesting to watch my brain attempt to do this, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

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