Fulton Center staircase and rotunda

Fulton Center staircase and rotunda

Fulton Center Subway Hub, New York City.

While my good friend Gary was visiting over Thanksgiving we did three trips to New York City and I’m backed up with images to process.

I wanted Gary to see the Fulton Center subway hub in lower Manhattan which I’ve photographed before so we spent a few hours there.

This shot was taken under the circular staircase and it catches both the underside of the staircase and the upper structure and rotunda.

The hub is easy to get to on a variety of subways and it’s location is at the heart of all sorts of interesting photo walks in New York: City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, Battery Park, Wall Street and much more.


  1. Fantastic image, Richard, I’m McLovin’ it. What a great time we had photographing at the Fulton Center, thanks a lot for taking me there. Your image is a delight, excellent perspective from the stair case looking up at the very cool, well-designed rotunda.

    1. Thanks Martin. Many places to shoot from in that space but under the curved staircase interests me because I can pick up its curve plus the base of the rotunda. Curvaceous is the word.

    1. Thanks Jonne. I have a lot more, need to sort through them. The more I visit this place, the more detail I see to shoot although I must admit that this particular view is my favorite so far. I’ll find others no doubt.

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