1. Hi, this is not simply ‘a crowded intersection’, but *the* famous ‘scrambled crossing’, or the ‘Shibuya crossing’, one of the busiest crosswalks in the world. It is also home to ‘Hachiko’, in honor of the dog who kept waiting for his master (long dead) to come back. In the background is also one of the world’s busiest Starbucks.

    1. Thanks for that Chris, I wasn’t sure it was the famous one as this is an unusual view of any let alone that one. Most of the images I’ve seen in still photography and movies are masses of people somehow getting past each other with umbrellas. Here they are, in the starting gate…

      1. I was there last year and it doesn’t seem as full as the images make it appear. But everything else is spot on–especially the umbrellas.

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