1. Beautiful scene. Whenever I get the niggle to try a full-frame camera, I recall all the excellent work I’ve seen by talented photographers shot with only a “lowly” phone. Then the urge goes away.

  2. This exemplifies why you shouldn’t dismiss camera phones. As you know Richard I love my 6 and have been blown away by the quality of shots it will take. This is a cracker and given most folk never print images these days one could argue why have anything else 😀

    1. I agree Martin. I think the world is moving in exactly the way you state. The issue isn’t with the tools (smart phones as cameras), the issue is with people’s skill at making interesting photographs. But, one has to disassociate the tool from the person and once one does that the tool doesn’t matter. Rick is a great example of that, he can make interesting high quality images with any tool.

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