Looking up at white pines

Looking up at white pines

Hidden Valley Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Went on a short walk in this wonderful preserve along the Shepaug River. I found a trail I’d not been on in a while through a large white pine grove and once in the middle of it had to look up to see how all of those crowns looked against the overcast sky.

Whenever I find a grove like this I try to do a shot or two looking straight up because the trees are usually so densely packed and so straight that if I can make a decent exposure (it can be tough to meter this) I might get an interesting image.

I had to pull the trees back out of silhouette in Lightroom so I didn’t really nail the exposure this time but I do like the shape of these trees.


    1. That’s a great observation Tiegan, I agree, they had something about them that was interesting and I think you nailed it. I’m not sure I saw exactly what it was at the time but I certainly see it now. Thanks.

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