Later That Same Life

This is one of the most creative videos I’ve ever seen, bar none. And, it’s so simple yet so profound. Oh my, this is really good.

“56-year-old (Peter) Stoney Emshwiller is interviewed by his own 18-year-old self from the year 1977. In the late 70s teenaged Stoney Emshwiller filmed several hours of himself pretending to interview his future self. Emshwiller went on to be an actor, novelist, editor, filmmaker and artist. Recently he released a sizzle reel – still on its way to being a longer film – of his older self answering some of those questions. Poignant and funny, this concept reminds us that the closest any of us can get to time traveling is still through the magic of recorded media.”

Here’s Stoney’s pitch:

And here’s the site to help fund the project. I just contributed, it’s one of the most interesting and original projects I’ve seen in years and I’m delighted to support it.

[via Devour]

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