Birch leaves with water droplets

Birch leaves with water droplets

Race Brook Falls Trail, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I got word that the campsite on one of the trails I maintain needed attention so I hiked up there yesterday to check it out. The weather was mixed and by the time I got up to the campsite it was raining hard. It didn’t last and I was able to get my work done.

On the way down I got interested in the water droplets that had formed on the various leaves on the ground (of which there were many). All of these images are primarily of birch leaves with some oaks and occasional maples behind them.

Birch leaves with water droplets

I was using a new Ricoh GR II which I got because the price has come down considerably. But, I noticed that the movement of the lens during auto focus created a grinding noise. When I got home I listened to this noise and it was disturbing considering my two original GRs don’t make a noise like this when the lens extends during power up or down or during AF.

I returned the camera to B&H and will be in New York on Tuesday so will go to the store and listen to the GR II there. If the noise is in all copies, I’ll buy it again. If not, I’m concerned that quality control on this camera may be an issue.

I do like the images it made though and that’s what counts in the end.

Birch leaves with water droplets


    1. Thanks Jonne. I do like the color palette of the GR (many don’t) and it will be interesting to see if there were changes between the original one and the new one. Not sure quite how to test that… Right now I’m just interested in lens AF and power on/off noise.

  1. Martin: after spending time at B&H and listening to 5 different Ricoh GR II cameras I can say that I heard a bit of grinding noise in all of them.

    The odd thing is, when I turned on my current Ricoh GR (original model) at B&H, I heard the same noise from it.

    The entire thing drove me crazy for an hour yesterday (and I drove various folks at B&H crazy as well).

    Now I’m not sure if the one I returned was a problem or not. No big deal, it’s returned. I ordered another new one, it will be here today.

    Why did I buy a new one? Because it’s my sole camera and I want to have two working copies of it. My original one, which I had fixed is now not working well again (stuck shutter button) and I’m not going to have it fixed again. It’s in a drawer. My second original one is my current working camera and given that the price has come down on the new one (we can speculate on why this is since it’s new) I thought it was a good investment.

    All of that said, while the Ricoh GR remains my favorite camera, it’s not a very sturdy beast. There are too may dust reports and breakage reports on this and other Ricoh cameras so there are issues with them. But, I think the fact that the camera makes great images and is a dream to use makes dealing with those issues acceptable. But, given the fact that it might break, I think it’s good to have a working backup.

    So, that’s why I bit the bullet and got a new one.

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