Looking up at Javits

Looking up at Javits

Photo Expo, Javits Center, New York.

I’ve been going to this trade show for many years. It’s mostly an excuse to get into New York with some photographer friends but also, one can get a sense of the state of the photographic world from walking around and seeing what’s what (last year it was drones, drones, drones and they were back this year as well).

What interested me this year?

New Epson and Canon printers in the 16″x20″ pigment ink category (Canon Pro 1000 and Epson P800). I have the Epson 3880 and have made thousands of prints on it over many years and while it’s a great printer, I’m looking to move away from Epson (not very compatible with OS X, arrogant company).

The Ricoh GR II. It’s almost identical to the original GR but after the show I noticed that the price had come down to the same price as the old one so I ordered one from B&H hoping it won’t suffer from sensor dust as my first one did. It also has some new JPEG filters that might be fun and a few other firmware tweaks.

Moab has a new paper called moenkopi unryu 55 which is a handmade Japanese mulberry paper with course fibers in it. I can’t wait to try printing on this paper, ordered a pack from B&H.

The Leica Q looks like an amazing camera. Feels great in the hand, has a fast 28mm lens, full frame, and is built like a tank. I noticed that to change meters one has to get deeply into the menus which put me off but it’s possible that this can be assigned to a single button. The booth dude didn’t know. While this camera would be an extravagance for me, I much prefer 28mm than the 35mm angle of view of the Fuji X100T or the Sony RX1 series. If I’m going to spend money on a fixed lens compact, I want a wider angle of view. I’m keeping my eye on the Leica Q for sure.

The Sony booth was packed. They have many new cameras out but the new A7 seems to be a hot commodity and now they’ve put that sensor into the RX1 series. Their RX100 IV is also a big hit although I don’t have much interest in it being a “Ricoh GR man” myself.

After walking around the show for a few hours, we met up in the Javits atrium where I took my first picture, looking straight up. I was tired and I have no idea how I ever worked Macworld for Apple in the old days. Guess I’m getting old…


    1. Thank you Jonne. Once B&H has the Leica Q I’ll go there and play with it more. Highly unfortunate that the guy at the Leica booth knew so little about it. My guess is it would be a very nice camera for people like you and me. If Fuji or Sony came out with an X100 or RX1 that had a fast 28mm lens on it that’s the only thing that might away me away although I might still bite on the Leica if I felt flush.

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