Chestnut oak leaves turning

Chestnut oak leaves turning

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail. Kent, Connecticut.

There were lots of baby chestnut oak trees with great leaf patterns along the trail. Shooting them would seem like a simple matter but in fact I found it challenging.

First, one needs a decent grouping of them with enough leaves on the same level so decent focus can be achieved at a wide enough aperture to blur the ground which is close below. Then there’s the light and how it’s illuminating the inner pattern of the leaf. And, let’s not forget the wind, which, if it’s gusting makes these little trees move.

Lastly, the grouping might be more interesting if one or more of the leaves is broken or distressed, introducing the element of wabi sabi (imperfection).

Good thing I was hiking alone, I’d have driven anyone with me crazy.


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