Looking east from Schaghticoke Ridge

Looking east from Schaghticoke Ridge

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail. Kent, Connecticut.

Hiked from Bull’s Bridge to Rt. 341 along the AT.

This is the view from the ridge looking east toward Warren (my town). You can see the Housatonic River below (Rt. 7 on the far side of it).

Fall color has peaked around here and last night the temperature got down to 30F which will let the trees know it’s time to shed more leaves. We’ve been making fires in our wood stove in the morning for a week now. I’ll be on leaf duty around our house today, both blowers will be making a huge racket and this is just the beginning, the oaks have yet to turn and let their leaves go yet (this is mostly maple, ash, and birch color).

Left my truck at Bull’s Bridge and didn’t expect to do this entire hike as I had no car at the north end to drive me back to the truck but the upside of doing this hike on a weekend was that there were other folks doing the same thing. I met up with three very nice people who I did over half the hike with who gave me a ride back to the truck. Hope to hike with them again, they were great hiking companions.


    1. Thanks Jonne. It was a great day to be out there. I do think there’s a psychological piece to seeing and taking these kinds of pictures; one has to be open to it. If I’d felt tired or less upbeat taking yet another fall landscape would have seemed cliche to me, but the fact that I was feeling good pushed or pulled me into taking more pictures that day (I took others, not processed yet).

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