The Ian knot

This is brilliant. I’ve been tying my shoelaces “bunny round the tree” method for more years than I care to say, and the Ian knot would have been a heck of a lot easier to learn. Spread the word, the Ian knot is the way to go and it produces the same knot as the bunny round the tree method.

[via The Kid Should See This]


    1. Indeed. I’m still not all that good at tying it but I’ve been trying since posting this. The more standard knot is so ingrained in me that I’m finding it tough to lose it. Old dog isn’t learning new tricks very well. Sigh.

  1. Really interesting. Have to try this. What is also interesting is that I, my uncle, and my son (Kaapo) we all make that two-loop version of the shoelace knot. And we all keep the pencil in the same way – between our middle and the fourth fingers. Not between the middle and index fingers. Maybe these are genetically interconnected?

    1. Jonne: good points, I wonder if there are connections between many of the everyday patterns we all have and handedness, brain side dominance, and maybe genetics. We need some science!

  2. This is a better version of his video. This time it’s shot from the perspective of the person tying the shoe:

    At about 1:30 he slows it down enough I finally got it!

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