Shadow selfie on Salmon Kill bridge

Shadow selfie on Salmon Kill bridge

Salmon Kill Brook, Lime Rock, Connecticut.

Driving home from hiking today I stopped on a bridge I drive across a lot. I always see a very nice waterfall as I drive past so figured I’d try a shot of it. Unfortunately, the waterfall got blown out, all the white was just too far gone to pull back.

But, I did catch my own shadow on the water down stream of the waterfall and between the fence and my shadow and the rocks underneath the surface doing nice things with the light, I thought it was an interesting image.


    1. Thanks Martin. I’d not considered printing and framing this one but I might give a test print a try. I do very much like the rocks and light on the water; as for me, well, I’ve never looked good in photographs ;).

    1. Thanks Jonne. The light on the water and rocks was what interested me most. This, again was shot both RAW and high contrast jpeg and processed the RAW to mimick what I liked in the jpeg, then tossed the jpeg.

    1. Thanks Mark. This was a processed RAW. File but I tend to emulate things I like about the high contrast jpeg the Ricoh GR makes. The light on the rocks in the water really caught my eye.

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