Frances at lunch

Frances at lunch

Santa Monica, California.

I haven’t been able to get and post recent shots of my now 100 + year old mother because it’s tough to get her to open her left eye (she’s nearly blind in it) and she’s been sick. So, the past few trips out here to LA haven’t been fruitful for mom portraits. I managed to sneak one in at lunch yesterday.


    1. Thank you Vincent. It’s an interesting balance. She’s very fragile these days and not very photogenic, and while it’s tough to skip taking her picture on a trip for fear it may be my last opportunity, that’s the way it is.

    1. I’ll let her know Jonne. It’s interesting the tension to post only well shot, flattering images of her vs. posting what might be the last image I post of her. She’s not eating much anymore and is getting a lot weaker so we’re not sure how long she’ll last. I did buy yet another plane ticket for early November, hopefully I’ll get to use it.

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