1. This is wonderful on so many levels, the simplicity belies the thought that’s gone into this superb shot Richard.

    This is also why film is so wonderful to use, yep it’s long winded but the finished image justifies the time. I to was a long term user as u know and a late digital convert but I’ve gone back to it again and I think I shall end up mainly shooting it with occasional shots from the lx100 although I’m debating selling it and staying with the gx7 and three lenses. The main reason being the similarity in size

    1. I’m not for or against film but I do enjoy the mistake tolerance of digital a lot more. That said, any piece of the process that slows us down enough so we think a bit more is good, so it’s less the speed of digital that I like, more the fact that the cost of making mistakes is 0. If film were the only way to get the look of this shot then I’d be right there but this shot could probably be gotten with many film cameras with the right lenses.

      One thing I’ve noticed is that using a tripod slows me down enough so that things improve. Of course, with my point and shoot cameras I rarely carry I tripod anymore.


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