1. Thanks for the heads-up on the purse Sabiscuit. I figured it was something special given the rest of her appearance and the fact that she’s walking in front of a Dior billboard. Not sure I’ll ever be a candidate for a Leica M but I sure covet the Leica Q (fixed 28mm f/1.8 lens, full frame) which would be a terrific camera for this kind of shot. I can dream…

      1. Hello, Richard. I was discouraged from buying a Leica because of the cost and because I am not a “professional” photographer. I admire your taste in cameras and respect your eye for great photography. Best wishes x SB

      2. Hi Sabisquit: When I add up what I had invested in a Canon 5D, a number of high end “L” lenses and other peripheral equipment, I could easily buy a few Leica Qs for what I had in that stuff. I’d never get into the Leicas with interchangeable lenses; those bodies are very expensive and the lenses even more expensive. But, the Leica D109 (Panasonic LX100) is more reasonable (about $1200) and the Leica Q, while a lot of money ($4200) is less than what I used to have tied up in Canon DSLR gear.

        I do like my Ricoh GR and Fuji X100T. They’re both very nice cameras and while I don’t use the Fuji as much as I should, each of these cameras takes excellent pictures (when I do my part).

        The Leica Q is in another class with a much better sensor and a really great lens. My problem with fancy cameras like this is that at least initially I’m reluctant to take them anywhere for fear of losing, dropping or something else happening to them.

        When B&H gets the Leica Q in stock I’ll certainly have a look the next time I’m in New York. Looking costs nothing (well, the train ride and dinner).

        Thanks for the kind words.

      3. Thanks a lot. I always go to people who have hands on experience with equipment rather than read reviews and stuff. I will certainly see if the Leica Q is at B&H on my next trip to NYC, later this year. Thanks again for the heads up.

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