Ink – Written by Hand (#INKdoc) from Ryan Couldrey | @RyTron on Vimeo.

INK follows Tanja Tiziana – a freelance photographer in Toronto, Canada – and her journey to rediscover the written word.


I particularly like her take on the fact that handwriting is going away and she’s on a personal quest to save it, for herself.

As someone who’s severely dysgraphic, I enjoy watching other folks hand-letter things well. I’ve always wondered if I could end-run my poor handwriting with daily practice and truth be told, the typewriter and then the computer took care of the problem so well that I never worked on it. For more on this you might want to check out: Rooster Rock, Julia King, and a climbing trip that changed my life, One person’s path to literacy, and How Computers Change the Writing Process for People with Learning Disabilities.


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