Abstract water patterns

Abstract water patterns

On the Appalachian Trail south of Kent, Connecticut.

I hiked south on the Appalachian Trail from Rt. 341 in Kent to Bull’s Bridge along Schaghticoke Ridge.

There was moving water in all of the streams and while Thayer Brook is the biggest one and has the most photo ops or moving water, this small stream at the southern end of the ridge proved better for these kinds of abstract moving water shots.

Hiking north to south I was going against the grain of the 30+ thru hikers I passed along the 8 mile tough stretch of trail. I’ve never seen that many thru hikers in a day before and I was told that the big bubble of them is moving into Connecticut this week so there will be at least this many every day for a week or two. I’ll see them again up in Massachusetts as I maintain a section up there too.

I stepped over a large downed tree (we call it a “step over”) that will need to be cleaned up and there was a “leaner” that forces the taller hikers to bend over to get under it. That too will need to be pulled down and cut up. That’s another trip in the next few days with more tools than a camera.


  1. It is a beautiful image, Richard. I bet it would make a very fine notecard or print. And what a great place to hike, sure wish I’d been there with you!

  2. Very nice, Richard! Always great to read about the routes also. I’m at our summer cottage and we are having only 2G connection here, so not very fast for posting pics etc.

    1. Thanks Jonne. Been doing a lot of hiking and quite a bit of shooting lately and unfortunately, a lot of throwing things away. Not quite sure what’s going on but shooting my way out is the only way to go so I keep on going. It’s times like this that I look around for new cameras and I’m attempting to replace that with looking around for new subjects to shoot.

      Enjoy your summer cottage. Give me the name of the town so I can locate it on the map. I always like to see where my friends are in the world.

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