Haley Farms fields

Looking toward Mt. Greylock from Haley Farms

Looking toward Mt. Greylock from Haley Farms

Haley Farms Trail, Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts.

I met my old hiking partner Dave (who lives in Vermont now) for a hike up the Hopper Trail to the top of Greylock and down the Haley Farms trail. We’ve done this hike countless times before in every season including on snow shoes. Great hike and we were so busy talking and catching up neither of us took many pictures.

The grass in the field had a nice softness to it so I took two shots, one looking back toward Greylock and one looking the other way toward the trail head. The softness brought to mind an Andrew Wyeth painting.

The Ricoh GR continues to amaze me with its ability to pick up detail I’ve not seen other compact cameras pick up. Now, if it would stop picking up dust on its sensor I’d be even happier.

Haley Farms field

Haley Farms field


  1. These are lovely Richard, it would seem that the dust issue has been a problem with it. I must say the one I had was free of that problem whether that was luck or the fact I never kept it long enough to have the problem I know not.

    I would have to say that it is totally unacceptable in a camera which is designed to be used and moreover with folk who like you will travel with it be it on foot or otherwise. I get entirely your comment about the details it captures I do miss that aspect of it. It really does have a very unique and compelling signature in an image. When I trawl through the folders with images I took with mine it does at times take my breath away and I get that itch which says you need it back in your life. 😱

    I think I’ll sit on the fence awhile longer though as I’m shooting mostly analogue now either the om2n or the 501cm the latter just renders in such a beautiful way it makes you want to use no other.

    I will look forward to your next posts, how I wish I lived nearer as I’d sure enjoy a days shooting with you.

    1. Martin: I have two copies of the GR and I’ve never gotten dust in either. The problem came (I need to blog about this) when I sent my older, original copy of the camera to Precision Camera, the US warranty repair service place that Pentax/Ricoh uses. The camera had a sticky shutter button and I had them fix it. To do this they had to open the camera, exposing its innards to dust. It came back with the shutter button fixed perfectly but in shooting with it, I found a few dust spots in the sky when shooting at f/11 so I sent it back for a cleaning. It came back from that cleaning with 20 spots in it so I called them up and complained. It’s there now. We’ll see what they do.

      I never noticed a single spot through normal usage although I see up on the flickr forums that many are having problems with this. No doubt it’s a sore spot for this camera.

      I think having a small camera with an APS-C sized sensor is at least part of the attraction. My Fuji X100T has the sensor but a 35mm angle of view is too tight for the kind of shooting I like to do. The Fuji is built like a tank and if they made a GR-like camera (no lens cap, etc.) I’d jump on it.

      Thanks for the kind words, as always. I too wish we lived closer together, it would be terrific to get out shooting with you, both in natural landscapes and in New York. Maybe someday… You’re always welcome if you cross the pond.

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