Frances is 100 today

Frances is 100 today

Los Angeles, California.

I’m in LA for my mother’s 100th birthday and while she’s definitely not as with it as she was a month ago, she’s still with it enough to know it’s her birthday. We have a small group coming over to celebrate and I’ll give each of them one of the albums I made for her.

100 years old. Wow, it’s quite an amazing thing and tough to wrap one’s mind around.


  1. Wow, indeed. Happy birthday, Frances! I am very privileged to know you through Richard’s photography and stories. I am also so happy to know your fantastic son.

  2. Mazel Tov Frances and Richard!! Happy Birthday Frances, and as my father would say in hebrew: “Aad May-ya V’Esreem” – which means ‘Until One Hundred and Twenty!’ You look simply stunning! Wishing you only the best on this impressive milestone! Amy, David and Anna

  3. Frances…congratulations…you raised a great guy and a terrific friend…all our very best to you on this amazing milestone!

    1. Thanks Edward, it was a great day. I flew home next to two very nice young people (even younger than you) from eastern France. Very nice although very little English. Fun to try to communicate with them. Needed you there.

      1. Me too. Very nice people, impossible to communicate. They were part of a larger trouble group I found out later as I was loitering near the bathroom. Many French on the plane.

    1. Thanks Chris. I’m back in CT now but it was a great time out there. I just called my mother and she thinks she’s still 99 and I’m coming next week for the party. Sigh.

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