My parents and me

My parents and me

I’m guessing this was taken in 1953 (I’m 2, my parents are 38). Walter, Frances, Richard. This was shot by a professional portrait studio in New York and printed on very nice rag paper. The texture on the paper makes a nice, soft print although makes it tougher to scan. I didn’t correct the color on this one; it was no doubt printed as a monochrome but I’m not sure if the sepia tinge is age or was in the original print.

I’ve been scanning old pictures for a photo album I’m making for my mother for her 100th birthday, coming up on May 26th.


  1. This is a testament to having pictures and printing them, a time that was and is no more, memories of precious moments, priceless. Give your mum a birthday hug from me, I sadly lost mine last year and not a day goes by that I don’t give her a thought.

    1. Martin: I’m sorry you’ve lost your mom. I’ll certainly wish mine your best wishes. I agree, printing is a lost art and while I do plenty of it myself, few do these days. And, printing snapshots in albums is hardly done at all anymore and this is a real loss. All prints don’t have to be fine art to be useful.

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