My mother and her siblings

My mother and her siblings

My mother is about to have her 100th birthday (May 26th) and I’ve been scanning old photographs and putting together a small album of the arc of her life (so far).

This is a professionally shot group portrait of my mother and her siblings. Anne and I are guessing she’s about 17 here which would make the year 1932.

L-R (oldest to youngest): Irving, Bertha, Frances (my mother) and Lillie.

My mother is the only one still alive.

This very nicely shot portrait was beautifully printed on textured rag paper. The texture on the paper made the contrast take a hit in scanning so it took some work to get the image contrasty enough to reprint successfully. It was also a faded sepia print and keeping it sepia didn’t work well so it got converted to black and white.


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