Snowy egret

Snowy egret

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California.

It was a big bird day at the Japanese Garden: Canadian geese, Egyptian geese, various kinds of ducks, cormorants, and a number of snowy egrets.

As we were leaving I was able to take a number of shots of this snowy egret as he/she was fishing.

I enjoyed using the Canon G7X quite a bit: the tilting LCD made this shot easy, the longer zoom range (than the Sony RX100) allowed me to get closer to the bird, and the front control wheel’s clicks made zooming faster and easier than with the Sony. The white bird was a bit blown out but I’m not sure the Sony’s similar sensor wouldn’t have done the same thing. The Canon is a much sturdier camera with better ergonomics and even if it’s not as popular, I like it better than the Sony, which I found tough to use both in winter with gloves and all the time because it’s so slow to respond.

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