Warped reflections in Bee Brook

Warped reflections in Bee Brook

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Took a short hike in slush in this nature preserve down the road from our house and one of my favorite brooks is now free of ice. Got to try out the tilting LCD on the Canon G7X which (along with the Sony RX100) is perfect for shots like this.

Too much of a water fall and you get foam and splashing, but a little drop over rocks will warp a reflection nicely giving it the “Grateful Dead effect*.

*The LSD equivalent of the “Ken Burns effect” (panning and zooming a still image to make it less static).


    1. Thanks Gary. The G7X is essentially a bigger S95 with a bigger sensor and a tilting LCD. Honestly, I’ve not used it enough yet to have formed much of an opinion of it relative to the Sony RX100 which it’s a “cousin” to. So far, so good but time will tell. It certainly doesn’t have the magic of the Ricoh GR, but it does have a zoom lens which is useful for stuff.

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