Underneath Citicorp (3)

Underneath Citicorp (3)

53rd. and Lexington, New York.

This was taken near the south west corner of the intersection to get both buildings in it. In the past I started on a series in New York I called “sky cutouts” because of the shapes these tall buildings left in the sky as they took up space. I might get back to that someday, I like the idea.

When I took this shot I lined up the bottom of the Citicorp building on the left with the left edge of the frame. I like to have some part of a building “grounded” to an edge of the frame. It’s just something I do, not some formal technique. What you might notice is that it’s not square anymore. That’s because in looking at the image in Lightroom I felt that the center lines were more important so I rotated the image counterclockwise to get the top of Citicorp and the edge of the building on the right close to vertical.

Also notice that the bottom of Citicorp and top are not in the same plane, but the building doesn’t twist, so why is that? In this case it’s the distortion that comes with using a wide angle lens.

There are other optical distortions in images like this that don’t come from the camera, like foreshortening (the sides of the building seem to be converging as they go up).

Lightroom has corrections for various DSLR wide angle lens distortions but alas, none that I know of for a lowly Ricoh GR wide angle lens attachment.


  1. for lens corrections, try the program PTLens, by epaper press. It is awesome, covers a zillion different cameras and lenses and costs only $25.-. AND if it doesn’t have your lens in the line-up, they will calibrate the program to accommodate for your lens as well. A steal.

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