Underneath Citicorp

Underneath Citicorp

53rd. and Lexington, New York.

I’ve always been attracted to the Citicorp building (now called the Citigroup building). Less for its “shed” roof, more for the fact that it’s a big monolith up on pillars. I like standing under it and looking up at it floating above the space under it.

It’s an interesting building with an interesting history and this too attracts me to it.

I took many images of this cluster of buildings with the Ricoh GR and wide angle adapter and it was fun to look at them through this new setup. In the past I’ve shot it with a Canon 5D and various lenses but I was glad to return with a bit more experience and some different (and lighter) gear.


  1. Your Citicorp shots are fantastic, Richard! I really like the 21mm angle – more drama as you stated. I am thinking to go Ricoh-only (GR and GRD IV) and sell other stuff I have. I have not use other cameras for a long time. Would buy next small Ricoh when it will come out (do not know when, though). I am secretly hoping 50-75mm equivalent GR but I think we will never get that.

    1. Jonne: While I love my Ricoh GR more than my other cameras, I’m glad to have the others as well. Each does different things and as my sense of what I want to do with my cameras has matured, I use each one for the things its best at.

      I’m out in LA as I write this and I’d like to attempt to get a decent portrait of my mother which I’ve not done in a while. I think the Fuji X100T’s 35mm angle of view will be much better suited to that than the Ricoh’s 28mm. I also have a Canon G7X (replaced Sony RX100 III with it) and I can zoom it to 50mm or longer which will be better for a head shot than the Ricoh.

      Anyway, while I’ll continue to use the Ricoh for much of my “art work” I find having a small camera with a zoom important for everything else, and, I consider the Fuji an excellent tool for everything else.

      So, I’m sure you’ll be fine Ricoh only but you’ve got a nice collection of images of your kids that were done with longer lenses and it would be a shame to lose that capability in the future.

      If I were taking a trip to Finland to visit you, I’d bring all of these cameras and use them all no doubt, just like I’ve brought them all to LA and will be carrying all of them today wherever we go.

  2. You are right, my friend. I think I am just little bit depressed because I haven’t had time to shoot. I think this will go over soon.

    You are always very welcome to Finland and to our place!

    1. Jonne: You and I are more alike than not. And, when we have the urge to do a complete sea change with our gear we must learn to sit on our hands and hope it will pass.

      There’s no doubt that part of the experience of using a camera is delight in its ergonomics and capabilities but I know for sure that you can take excellent pictures with any camera in your hands. There’s no doubt that Ricoh, for some of us, has a very nice mix of good ergonomics and good image quality, but, my first Ricoh GR is in the shop, the shutter button broke on it and as you know, both Helena and Wouter have had issues with theirs. So, while the Ricoh GR is a great camera, it’s not built as well as other cameras in its class. The Canon G7X is built like a tank, but alas, by comparison, a boring tank. I doubt it will break but of course, I won’t use it as much as the Ricoh.

      I do think you would enjoy the Ricoh GR wide angle attachment (don’t forget it’s two different pieces) and if you can swing it, before you unload your other cameras, maybe order that and give it a go and see if it lights a fire for you. If it does then of course, you have your Nikon’s zoom lens to continue experimenting with as well.

      I wish we lived closer together, we could have some great photo outings and share all of our gear. Maybe it’s time for Gary Sharp and me to plan a trip to Scandinavia (he has friends in Denmark), with a swing through Finland of course.

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