Manhattan Municipal Building subway entrance ceiling

Manhattan Municipal Building subway entrance ceiling

City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge subway station entrance.

Whenever I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge I use this subway station entrance because I love this tile ceiling.

This day I shot it with the Ricoh GR and a Ricoh wide angle attachment lens that turns the GR’s 28mm into 21mm which is a much more dramatic focal length.

If you’re a GR user make note of the fact that to attach this piece you’ll also need to buy the hood and adaptor for the GR. Too bad the plastic hood doesn’t fit back onto the wide angle lens which comes with a terrible rubber hood what’s worse than useless.

All of that said, once you get the pieces sorted you can leave the lens on the adaptor tube and click it on and off the camera as needed. It took me a bit to get comfortable with it but once I did I loved it and will use it often.


    1. Right Gary, we’ve been in that subway entrance many times. Yeah, you’ll get the wide angle adaptor. There’s little doubt of it. Either before you get back here and try mine, or just after.

    1. Thank you Hedy. I took ten images of different sections of it, all a bit different. This was the first one. Interesting how in many cases, the first image of a group is the one I like best as representing what I saw.

      1. 😀 i find that myself…i think about what get’s seen first…but often it’s in the lingering of ones below…often feels like a walk…happy day! Richard!

    1. Jonne: absolutely. I think you’ll love it. It’s going to take me a while to get used to using it and it makes the camera tougher to carry around but I’ll get it sorted. The nice thing about it is you can leave it off and carry the camera as usual, then put it on for a few shots, then take it off. Very much like a lens change but without exposing the sensor. Don’t forget that it’s two pieces: the lens and the adapter.

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