Beech on snow

Beech on snow

Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut.

There are a few beech trees next to Thayer Brook and they tend to hold at least some of their dried leaves all winter. When those leaves fall on the snow they look quite nice and while it might have been interesting to leave the light tan color in this, I liked how the leaf looked in monochrome with the reflective snow, almost translucent.

The tree that probably dropped this leaf is big enough so bears climb it for nuts in season. We call trees with bear claw marks on them “bear trees” and always inspect any beeches we see near the trail for bear claw marks. Of course, always good to look up to make sure the bear isn’t still up there.


  1. Haha. Wouldn’t want a fur ball to drop down on you. I think leaves are really interesting and the teeth on this one are really different from the trees I am familiar with. I especially like the muted black and white interpretation.

    1. Thanks Dave. The odds of finding a bear up there this time of year are almost nonexistent. But, when they do wake up and start getting out they’ll be hungry and will no doubt try whatever food sources they know, including this tree.

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