Jason Snell on the new MacBook

The MacBook doesn’t need you to love it, but someone will

Coincidentally, Jason Snell has weighed in at almost the same time as I did on the new MacBook.

Apple shouldn’t build new tech to support people who are reluctant to give up old habits.

That’s a brilliant piece of thinking and writing and while I don’t feel it applies to me, it applies to many.

My questions about the new MacBook are less about the MacBook, more about my computing setup in general. The MacBook appeals to me as an outrigger to an iMac. If I weren’t considering an iMac I’m not sure I’d be considering a MacBook.

But, that brings up an interesting question: how many people will buy and use the MacBook as their only computer? If a person already has a portable computer (like me with a 15″ MacBook Pro) is there still a need for the MacBook as a more portable computing platform.

Maybe. People are attempting to use iPads as their only computing platform and if one can do that, one could use the MacBook as well.


    1. Good to hear Oliver. I’m close to doing the same although I’ve not jumped yet. If you could swap your Air (13″?) for the MacBook at no cost, would you do it?

  1. Richard, your remark: “The MacBook appeals to me as an outrigger to an iMac.” is exactly how I look at portable Macs for my use. I’ve always relied on desktop machines and large displays, so that’s a pretty obvious point of view on my part. My MBP, and perhaps soon to be MacBook, is like a shuttle craft to my Enterprise. 😉

    I rarely run into issues by having two (or three) Macs, but I don’t worry about keeping them perfectly in sync. iCloud keeps most things aligned. Web services still work fine from either. And I only move image files or slide decks to my portable when I need them for travel or presentation on the road.

    1. Dale: I just have to wrap my brain around a multiple computer set up. I’m pretty sure now I’ll be going in the other direction: getting an iMac and using my MacBook Pro as you’ll be using the MacBook. When it gives up the ghost no doubt there will a whole bunch of different options.

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