Approaching the AT

Approaching the AT

Southwest Massachusetts.

The ridge line coming down from left (north) to right (south) is the Appalachian Trail coming off of Mt. Race. It’s a section of AT that I maintain so I know it well.

However, yesterday there was close to four feet of snow on the ground here and no one had snowshoed these trails since the last time we were here in December. So, I had to break trail through here and while it was a beautiful day to be out, it was hard work.

We had planned to get down into Sage’s Ravine and I was hoping to do some shooting down there but my partners ran out of steam just shy of there. Maybe I’ll get back there tomorrow to finish breaking trail down to Sage’s to see if there’s something to shoot.

It’s amazing to consider that in 3-4 months hundreds if not thousands of thru hikers will traverse this frame (from right to left) going north to Maine and Mt. Katahdin.

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