1. Tim: Ah, I somehow thought this train had gone over the Manhattan Bridge. Now that I think of it, I’ve been on this train and yes, it goes through a tunnel.

      1. My wife, Jane Ingram Allen was doing a residency at the Queen Botanical Garden a couple of years ago and I’d ride the 7 train into Manhattan. The artist building with all the graffiti still existed and it was a high light to see those buildings.

      2. Ah, you know the line well. I tell you, New York is an amazing place and with a camera, it’s unlimited. I’ll be there Wednesday for a conference, hope to get out shooting a bit.

      3. If you can handle the cold and getting up early I find that NYC is a fantastic time to photograph. Also if the streets are wet long exposures of moving traffic create some wild images. Enjoy

      4. Yes, I’ve photographed quite a bit in New York although getting there early is tough as I live in Connecticut so train in on Metro North. Tough for me to be there before noon unless I spend the night. However, in the old days, when I was younger I stayed late and did quite a bit of night photography. Search around here and you’ll find it. That was when I was lugging a DSLR and lenses. Ugh.

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