Apple is repairing MacBook Pros with video issues

Last fall my 2011 MacBook Pro died and I posted about it here: Update on MacBook Pro issues.

I pulled the SSD out of it, bought a cheap plastic USB 3 case for it and have been using it as a backup for travel (looks better to x-rays than a HDD).

Yesterday I learned that Apple is going to fix, at no cost, computers like mine: MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues.

Of course I already bought a new computer and in order to fix the old one I’ll need to make it whole by putting the SSD back into it. No problem doing this but:

1. I’ll lose the external 512GB SSD, worth about $300 to replace.

2. What will I do with a now 4 year old computer? It has no trade-in value and little sale value. Its value is probably less than the cost of its SSD.

So, I’m toying with the idea of simply ignoring the recall and keeping things as they are, even though I want Apple to make this situation right.

Update: I just spoke with Apple support about this. I told them the entire story, including the fact that I’d already pulled the SSD. What the person I spoke with zeroed in on was that I’d replaced the machine already and repairing the old one at this point was too late. I asked him if Apple might provide me with a credit or gift card instead of the repair and he thought that was a reasonable idea.

Mine was the first call he’d gotten about this today, but we were both sure it wouldn’t be the last. He said he’d talk my idea of a credit or gift card over with his manager and get back to me.

I’ve pretty much decided not to have the machine repaired: I already have a great replacement and everyone in my family has a newer computer. And, the SSD remains valuable.

Stay tuned…

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