1. Thank you all very much! As always an honor to be included here.

    When we heard that there would be a big storm a couple of photography friends and I decided to go to the harbor and try and capture the waves. It was much harder than expected, because the wind made the waves travel all across the pier and there was nowhere to take cover, so within minutes we were completely drenched with cold sea water. Also, as soon as you took the camera out of the bag you got water on the front lens (which is what happened with the second “abstract” shot that Richard mentions), so waiting for the right moment with the waves or getting well thought-out compositions was almost impossible from this spot. When we tried to go to an other location the police arrived and closed off the whole area for safety reasons.
    It was fun though! 🙂

    1. Wow, sounds like you’re lucky you made it out of there without getting hurt. Amazing. My friend Gary has been shooting in high wind on the Oregon coast and the front element of his GR has taken a beating. Even with small point and shoot cameras, the front element has to be cared for and cleaned every now and then.

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