Macricostas moonscape

Macricostas moonscape

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Anne and I went out on another snowshoe hike in this great land trust down the road from us. Wet snow made it rough going but the large field we go around before going up the “mountain” was untouched and the light was flat enough so that it looked like the moon. The clouds gave it some nice contrast. I took a few images here, that was it for the entire hike.


  1. Good point Jonne! The descriptions of snow in Demark and Greenland in Smilla gave it a very compelling wintry atmosphere. Love this excellent minimalist winter landscape Richard, what a wondrous place.

    1. Thanks Gary. You’ve known this field in many forms: cornfield, grass, snow, mud. And, we’ve shot pictures on it in every season over many years. This field may be our best model: no fee, no arguments, and it always comes through!

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