Henri Cartier-Bresson “Pen, Brush and Camera”

This is a terrific documentary on the life and work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, arguably one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century (to which he humbly says: “bullshit!”).

It’s close to an hour long so make the time for it and I can say without a doubt that it’s well worth seeing.

Cartier-Bresson had a background in fine arts which informed his work but he was also a great humanist which also informed his work. He was a founder of Magnum one of the top photo agencies in the world.

He remains one of my favorite photographers and personalities: a humble man who has influenced generations of photographers and people in all branches of the arts.

[via PetaPixel]


    1. Glad you liked it Fabio. If you follow the Henri Cartier-Bresson tag at my site you’ll see two more older posts on him, one of which is a Charlie Rose interview you might enjoy.

  1. Thank you, Richard. Today’s generation is growing up illiterate of the great photographers who pioneered our passion and that’s a shame. So thanks for reminding us there is a remarkable history behind what we do, and encouraging us to discover the many profoundly great photographers who came before us.

    1. Amen Dave. Not just great photographers, great artists. If you notice, the cover on Cartier-Bresson’s book, The Decisive Moment was done by none other than Henri Matisse and coincidentally, the same Matisse cut-outs are on display at MoMA right now, one of the most important art shows to hit New York in a long time. My guess is few photographers took the time to see it, and this kind of collection will probably not be assembled again in our lifetimes. Shame. The forms Matisse makes with his cutouts inform all visual art, not just painting and collage.

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