Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Anne coming up a steep section of trail, Sony RX100 III

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

My wife swore she’d never hike in the snow or go snowshoeing. But, over the past year she’s been hiking a lot in this great place right down the road from our house. So, what better way to get her to experiment with snowshoeing than to do it at a familiar place.

I figured we’d walk around the hayfield there but we made it all the way to the top. Not a long hike and one she’s done dozens of times before, but in snow it’s a bit tougher. She did very well and I hope she’ll continue with this.

Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Anne on top of Waramaug Rock coming down to the edge for a better view, Sony RX100 III


  1. Go Anne go! Your photos are very fine Richard; I’m glad Anne’s first time snowshoeing was a good experience for her. She handled those steep sections well.

    1. Thanks Gary. The only thing that would have improved things is if you’d been there!

      I went out again today and did the longer loop. Broke trail, it was tough. I might have to have an extra beer tonight and extra ibuprofen.

    1. Dave: My “technique” was to take her on a hike she does all the time so it would be familiar territory, just different conditions. I’m guessing she’s hooked but of course, it’s too soon to tell. I did get her some snowshoes which are newer than mine so if she bails on it I’ll happily take them. 😉

  2. Snowshoeing is the best. The peacefulness, the views, the WORKOUT… it all and so worth it. Best part is the hot bath afterwards and of course the photos…..Keep it up Anne!

      1. Yes, you have had your share of it this year while we are getting a much needed break from it….we are more than happy to share! Enjoy.

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