Fulton Center rotunda and staircase from lower level

Fulton Center rotunda and staircase from lower level

Fulton Center rotunda and staircase through opening. Fuji X100T

This is one of many images I recently shot of the Fulton Center subway hub in lower Manhattan.

This building has numerous levels and I had to use my metro card to get through to the trains and the lower level. This is shooting up at the rotunda through a center opening in the main floor. The arc at the bottom of the opening is the bottom of the circular ramp/staircase. I doubt many people think to look up here, they’re too busy running for their train.

The hub is easy to get to on a variety of subways and it’s location is at the heart of all sorts of interesting photo walks in New York: City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, Battery Park, Wall Street and much more.


    1. Thank you Jonne. I learned a lot in all my years shooting the Getty series. Like anything else, the more you shoot this kind of stuff, the more you learn what you like and how to get it.

    1. Yes, I’ve had it for a while. I had the “S” and sold it as I wasn’t using it much and wanted the aperture control on this new “T.” The first image I posted here with it was my portrait of Jon Moss and given that I’m more comfortable with 24mm and 28mm I’m guessing I won’t be using the Fuji (35mm) for much in the way of architectural photography. We’ll see over time.

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