Fulton Center, layers, lights, and reflections

Fulton Center, layers, lights, and reflections

Fulton Center, escalator, base of rotunda, spot lights, reflections. Ricoh GR

This is one of many images I recently shot of the Fulton Center subway hub in lower Manhattan.

This building has numerous elements: escalators, shiny surfaces that reflect LED displays, the rotunda, and a visible superstructure. Lots to shoot here.

The hub is easy to get to on a variety of subways and it’s location is at the heart of all sorts of interesting photo walks in New York: City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, Battery Park, Wall Street and much more.


    1. Thank you Jonne. That’s a great comment and I agree, very space ship like. I wish it were a bit sharper but it’s fine as is.

      More to come… as I dig through the too many pictures I took that day.

    1. It’s an amazing place SP. It seems that many people going through it are on their way someplace and don’t stop to look up or consider the architecture but it’s really quite interesting for a subway hub. Each of the cameras I used worked well that day, recording enough detail to please me. The wide end of the Sony RX100 III at 24mm made the most dramatic images of this interior. My problem with using three cameras is that I’m not as intimately familiar with the Fuji and the Sony as I am with the Ricoh and because of this I had to pause and think a bit too much each time I used them. I find it easier when the tool falls into the background and I don’t have to think too much about how to set it up. I’ll get there with these two cameras (if I keep them long enough).

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