Venice Beach, California.

A man was feeding a small “colony” of seagulls and we stopped to watch the action.

Note: I always have my Ricoh GR set to Auto ISO but twice now I’ve found it set on 3200. I have no idea how this happened, I’d never set it to such a high ISO manually. These shots would have been at most 200 ISO had Auto been set.

Anyway, most of the images I took were terribly over exposed because of the forced high ISO but I was able to pull the exposure down in Lightroom and salvage these.

One thing I learned is that all the action flight shots I got with both the GR and the Fuji X100T had too much background stuff in them; the flying birds were not isolated. This could have been solved by changing where I was standing so that I could shoot against sky but I was reluctant to move for fear of scaring away the birds. Too bad, I caught some great flying action and great expressions (gulls are real characters) but t’s tough to see it because of the background.

Still, these are fun images and show a bit of gull action.







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